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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5


How good is your ear? Your reaction time? Your judgment? Find out with ZippyNotes, an original musical game that you’ll find hard to put down.

Tap the PREVIEW button to hear a three note phrase. Preview as many times as you like. Got it memorized? Tap the START button and a 32-note melody starts playing. Somewhere in the melody you’ll hear those three preview notes. Tap the STOP sign when you hear the third preview note to score a HIT. Tap STOP one note later for half the points. Otherwise you’ve got a MISS. Don’t worry, the crowd will let you know how you did.

You can watch numbers animate in sync with the notes, or you can turn them off to play only using your ears. Ears-only rounds are harder so they award higher scores. How quick were you on the STOP button? The quicker you react, the higher your score. Try ZippyNotes with headphones. The notes move left to right in your head.

Every round plays faster with different melodies and higher scores. The free trial version lasts 7 rounds. The paid version lasts as long as you do, but don’t MISS after round 10 or it’s game over. Buy the game for huge scores!

ZippyNotes is so unique, it’s patented.