Triple Defense Free

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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5

Triple Defense Free

[Triple Defense] is coming!

Lighting, Particles and Geometries, all in this game!
No need any money or any energy to upgrade your towers, just need your idea and perfect layout.

When you place a tower to connect other three or more towers of the same type and same level, they will fuse into an upgraded tower.

There is a global highscores in the game; you can submit your score to compare with other players in the world!

[These enemies are preparing an attack…]
It is a normal guy.

Weak than others, but when it dies would fission two small ones.

Move faster than others.

It has high-level defense, and that really will be a problem!

[These towers are waiting for your command…]
“Gun Tower”
The gun tower can only attack one enemy at same time. For one target, the damage of the gun tower is the highest.

“Cannon Tower”
Cannon tower fired slowly, but after the ball hit the target will explode in a range, all the pieces still will damage the enemy.

“Laser Tower”
The laser towers can kill the enemy on whole line. More laser sources by upgrade will killing the enemy in a wider range.

“ForceField Tower”
By virtue of its strong gravitational field to force the enemy’s movement speed slows down and consume the enemy’s life.

“Wild Tower”
Wild tower can represent any type of tower; it is always to select a high-level tower to fusion.

Terminator can clear any target on any grid, including the towers and the enemies, even the most formidable BOSS.

Update Info
+You can store a tower now!
+Add tow language support: Spanish, Russian.
*You will see the new UI when pause the game.
*Bug fixed.

+You can get the screenshot from game now!
*Bug fixed.

*Bug fixed.

[Triple Defense] We hope you will like this game!