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Space Invader 7

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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5,Windows Phone 7
Kevin Robinson Description

Space Invader 7

Space Invader 7 – Version 2.0: The OpenXLive Ultimate Edition

Experience again or for the first time the thrills, intense action and hypnotic rhythm of the classic arcade space shooter.

OpenXLive integration brings social networking, online highscores and a plethora of unique achievements to the game via the popular OpenXLive service. The arcades never had it so good!

Meticulously designed exclusively for Windows Phone 7 Mango, the *LEGENDS OF THE ARCADE* series brings you 23:15 UFO scoring, Nagoya attacks and more in this nostalgic and thrilling presentation of the genre that started it all, making Space Invader 7 an essential title for your discerning collection, and one you will come back to time and again.

A game for one or two players, in portrait or landscape mode, you are the last defender of a world under attack from the Super Forces who will stop at nothing in their planned annihilation of you, and all you have ever known!

Using 4 destructable shields, you must pick off your foes one by one in a cat and mouse struggle for ultimate survival.

As each wave of alien forces encroaches more menacingly than the last, your pulse will quicken in time with the beat as the battle intensifies to it’s ultimate and innevitable conclusion.

Will you earn the respect of the very foes who would smite you?

Dare you take on these almighty Forces?

Find out now as you are cordially invited to die in most glorious battle.

Only on Windows Phone 7 and only with *LEGENDS OF THE ARCADE* Space Invader 7!

The feel of the Arcade

Thank you for your feedback, please do continue and help make this game all that it can be 🙂

Version Change Log:
– New Skin
– OpenXLive Features
– Online Leaderboards
– 18 Unique Achievements
– Optimisations
– Sounds are swapped around (thank you scr1969)
– Initial keyboard support (thank you LG Quantum user)

– New Controls; Arc