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Life as a Chelsea Headhunter

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Life as a Chelsea Headhunter

Optical illusions are the stuff of magic – harmless entertainment conjured up to both enthral and amaze, aren?t they? Well, maybe not, as it?s not quite so amusing if the ?stunt? takes the form of an episode of the BBC?s ?groundbreaking? documentary series MacIntyre Undercover on organised football hooliganism, the wizardry is conducted by unscrupulous investigative journalists posing as big-time drug dealers, and as a result the unwitting participant in the trick, avid Chelsea supporter Jason Marriner, is charged with conspiracy to commit violent disorder and affray, together with his friend Andy Frain, and Jason ends up with a six-year jail sentence for a crime he didn?t commit. This is Jason?s chance to put the record straight, present the facts from his own perspective and challenge the reader, who may well have been one of the 7.4 million documentary viewers, to decide whether the programme actually revealed the ?ugly face of football violence?, or indeed showed him plotting or committing any violence whatsoever, or whether the original 344 hours? worth of footage, secretly filmed over a period of 18 months, were distorted beyond recognition by cutting, editing and stitching together clips from the original sequences to achieve the programme?s aim at any cost.
Please Note that the book is stored on your phone and you do NOT need a data connection to read it.

Life as a Chelsea HeadhunteR, by Jason Marriner, is packaged with an easy to use functional book reader which means you can down load the App and start reading.
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– Scroll up/down
– Opens up where you left off reading
– Portrait and Landscape mode
– Variable font size
– Table of Contents for easy navigation between chapters
– Bookmarks to remember marked