Game Audio: Demystifying Game Audio

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Game Audio: Demystifying Game Audio

Calling all composers and audio experts! If you’re looking to have a career in Game Audio, this course is required viewing!

In Demystifying Game Audio you’ll get a real world education on everything you need to know AND everything you need to do to jumpstart your career creating sound and music for games!

So put your game controller down and start learning how to be a creator of games, not just a consumer of games!

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Careers In Game Audio?
3. The Game Market
4. Video Game Structure & Platforms
5. Categorizing Games
6. Game Genres & Styles
7. Managing Game Audio Assets
8. Audio History & Development
9. Size vs. Quality
10. Compression, FM Audio & MIDI
11. Audio File Formats
12. Game Production Roles
13. Audio Production Roles
14. Music Production Roles
15. Importance of Game Audio
16. Game Audio Subcategories
17. Ask Questions
18. Game Music Can…
19. Prehistory, Arcade & Early Consoles
20. 1980s & MIDI
21. Today’s Offerings
22. Cinematic’s and Loops
23. Transitions
24. Interactive vs. Adaptive Music
25. Applying Adaptive Music Concepts
26. All About Middleware
27. Voice Over Can…
28. VO Producer, Agent & VO Talent
29. The VO Engineer
30. VO Editing & Mastering
31. Wrapping It Up

•By Steve Horowitz & Scott Looney
•HD Video Tutorials
•Offline Playback (no internet connection needed)
•In-depth Tutorial
•Professional Instruction
•Clear presentations and explanations
•Easy-to-follow content