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Furball Over The Front (Deluxe)

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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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Furball Over The Front (Deluxe)

Take to the skies of the Great War in this sim-shooter exclusive to the Windows Phone platform

– Shooter with simulation elements
– 2 stories (Allied / German) with 13 Historically accurate campaigns (102+ missions) spanning Sept 1915 to April 1918 plus Quick Play and Endurance missions
– Intercept/Scramble/Balloon Busting/Ground Attack missions
– 6 Planes (Allied: Airco DH2, Nieuport 11/17, and the Sopwith Camel, German: Fokker E, Albatros D, Fokker Dr.1), each more maneuverable and durable than the last
– 5 Aces to down or fly with (Max Immelmann, Oswald Boelcke, Werner Voss, Erwin Böhme, and the Red Baron)
– Many achievements to earn (Rank, Medals, Awards)
– More to come…

Recommended for newer devices (WP 8, Lumia 710/800+/900+, Titan II, Focus S, HTC 8X)

Update 1.9.5
– mission tweaks
– less vertical drift in dodges to make control easier

Update 1.9.4
– added new control scheme
– default difficulty set to easy

Update 1.9.2
– Bug fixes

Update 1.9.1
– Added Red Baron missions to German story
– bug/mission fixes

Update 1.9
– Added German Story
– Mission updates / fixes for both story modes

Update 1.8.0
 – UI changes / Endurance Mission changes

Update 1.5.6
– Added Global Ranks to Endurance missions
– Performance improvements
 – Fixed bug where player would not return to left/right position properly
 – Endurance missions are tougher

Update 1.5
– Added 14 new Endurance missions
– Added Y-Axis sensitivity option (set higher if movement is too sluggish)
– Added required targets/targets destroyed counter to status bar
– Unlocked third campaign for trial users
– Added muzzle flashes to all objects