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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5,Windows Phone 7
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flip3 is a lot like tic tac toe, but with one catch: you can only have three spaces selected at any time. Place down a fourth mark and your first disappears. Are you ready for the challenge?

flip3 contains three difficulty levels as well as a local multiplayer game mode. Game statistics such as wins, losses, and time played are recorded for all games played against the computer.

Update 1.5
– Messed up my version numbers
– Updated app to WP7.5 for fast app switching support

Update 1.3
– Minor bug fixes

Update 1.2
– Added new option to show the “age” of tiles

Update 1.1
– Fixed crashing bug when viewing more apps or contacting developer
– Fixed error where crash notification continues to come up each time the app starts after a crash