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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5


Euchre is a fast-paced, fun, easy to learn card game played by four players. In this version you play with computerized opponents and a computerized partner.

*** NOTE: feedback welcomed — help shape future releases by specifying likes and dislikes in review comments or e-mail

v 1.2:
– BUG FIX: Application sometimes would crash when game within two points of winning and Stick the dealer option enabled, in the second round of bidding. Many thanks to the user who reported this. *** NOTE: this issue was not introduced in the recent update, it was present in the original version as well, so all users should update to this version.
– AI tweak: Minor tweak to computer players’ hand evaluation when ordering up opponent. Note that computer players do sometimes get euchred as part of normal gameplay, in order to simulate human behavior.
– Implemented required behavior when viewing settings screen where back button on phone closes only the settings screen and does not close the app. Back button on that screen now has same functionality as Continue button, which remains in place.

v 1.1:
– Removed ads (game remains free)
– Added card grouping and ordering to discard chooser (similar to grouping, ordering in human player hand view)
– Added player position indicators (North, East, South, West)
– Made end of game, winning team indicator more obvious
– Corrected dealer rotation behavior when new game after game win to always rotate to left. Added text to settings screen explaining that starting new game from settings causes next dealer position to be randomized
– Added vibration to New Game confirmation on Settings screen

v 1.0:
– Automatically saves in-progress games, allowing you to pick up and play any time and continue later
– Configurable “stick the dealer” option
– Clear indicators of the dealer and the trump maker