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Cord Blood Banking

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Cord Blood Banking

Are You Pregnant? Have You Picked Out a Name? Is The Nursery Ready for Your Baby? Have You Arranged to Bank Your Baby?

What? You Don’t Know Anything About Banking Your Baby?

What we are referring to is an umbilical cord bank. Never hear of it before? Well it’s one of the new trends in providing the ultimate life insurance for your child. In simple terms, a cord blood bank is an establishment that stores umbilical cord blood for a person’s future use.

Umbilical cord blood is important because it has hematopoietic stem cells that allow formation of new blood cells.

Cord blood banking is a simple and painless method of preserving fresh blood from the baby’s umbilical cord. If this sounds like something you might wish to consider, you need more information.

The necessity of private cord blood banking depends on the probability that the child or a member of the family will need a stem cell transplant in the future.

In this guide, you will discover all the answers to the questions that you might have such as:

★ What Is a Cord Blood Bank?
★ What Does Cord Blood Banking Do?
★ What Are the Expenses?
★ What is the Process?
★ Potential Problems
★ Should You Consider a Private Bank?
★ Advantages and Disadvantages of Transplant
★ Why You May Need To Consider It
★ When Your Child Needs Help
★ What Can It Fix?
★ What About Free Cord Blood Banking?
★ What Are the Ethical Considerations?
★ Cord Blood Banking and the Law
★ Stem Cell Research and Cord Blood Banking

Make a decision and start learning about cord blood banking for no other reason than to protect your child’s future health needs!