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Altair VI

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  • Size: 30 MB
  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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Altair VI

Altair VI is a turn-based action roleplaying game, set in an original science fiction environment.
Altair VI takes inspiration from board games, collectible card games and turn-based roleplaying games to create an original gaming experience.
During the game you will discover:
• over 50 monsters and enemies from outer space
• over 70 items, from futuristic weapons to powerful armors
• countless references to all time sci-fi classics
• an all-original story set in a detailed and fun space opera setting
• four characters to match different play styles
• new abilities to customize your character as you progress through the missions
• an amazing original soundtrack

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Revision history:
Updated for compatibility with WP8
The about page now points to Altair VI Facebook page
All promo items are now available to all non-trial users
Enabled fast app switching
Added the possibility to change the difficulty level
The default difficulty is now easier
Added access to the manual from the level-up page
The level-up page now asks for confirmation
The game tile is now double-sided
Fixed stability issues
Altair VI Free has been released
Altair VI trial now includes all the features of Altair VI Free: it is now possible to play all the missions!
The trial version now includes ads
Bonus items are now available only in the paid game
Fixed saving and loading procedures
Added a page to view the unlocked items
Added a manual inside the game, it can be reached from the start, map and combat pages
Minor fixes
The game now runs under the locked screen
Initial release