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WP Calendar

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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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WP Calendar

WP7 Calendar enables you to consult the calendars synchronized with your Windows Phone. You will also have access to customizable live tiles and research of appointments.
The application has been designed to be Clean, Simple and Effective

View by day
• Fixed hour
• 24h scroll
View by week
• Fixed hour
• 24h scroll
View by month
• Basic
• morning + Afternoon
• morning and Afternoon + detail

Tile day
• 2 kind of tiles
• Up to 8 appointments displays
• Use of back tile to display appointment of tomorrow
• 5 options to customize the tile
Tile week
• Use of back tile to display next week
• 3 options to customize the tile

Simplified search
Advanced search
3 sort mode for displaying the result
you can pin to the start the search screen

Filter the account to display
Filtrer the private appointement
Choose the starting view
Choose the first day of week
The color of your calendars is customizable

With the trial version, you can launch the application during 5 days and access all the features

To use the application, 4 things to know :
– Flick left or right to change view
– Flick up or down to move forward or backward in time
– Tap, to display an appointment or to change view
– Double tap to come back to the current date

If you have any bugs or suggestions, you can send a mail (French or English) to WP7Calendar@sfr.fr