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Wisepilot Navigator Asia

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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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Wisepilot Navigator Asia

LIMITED HOLIDAY SALE – SAVE 33% (Reg. price $/€29.95).

Wisepilot offers you an efficient, outstanding and award winning search, map and navigation app. All the features are following the Windows Phone Metro design.

With Wisepilot all the maps and navigation data is stored in the cloud. We offer automatically updates to all our customers for free, you never have to worry about navigating on outdated maps again. Wisepilot gives you quality maps from NAVTEQ and Bing for the best navigation experience all over the world.

Features with Wisepilot Lifetime GPS Navigator:
– Voice Guidance – live instructions for how to proceed to your destination.

– 3D & 2D Worldwide Maps – always automatically updated and synchronized with your phone.

– Lane Assistance – get in the right lane as you approach an intersection.

– Junction Views – prepare your motorway exit in advance with a guiding display.

– Speed Limits/Alerts – displays speed limits while driving and alerts if you exceed the limit.

– Pin address – pin your favorite address to the start screen to save time on recurring trips.

– Route of your choice – the shortest route isn’t always the best, choose between multiple options e.g. avoid motorways, fastest and easiest.

– One Line Search – assists you to find nearby places, persons*, businesses** and addresses.

– Nearby – find places within different categories e.g. Parking and Eating & Drinking.

– Recent trips – shortcuts to your latest visited addresses.

During your first 5 days you can enjoy our services Live Traffic and Speed Cameras for free.

* Only in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Germany, Netherlands
** Only in United Kingdom, United States, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Austria, Germany, Netherlands