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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8


This is a special hangman game with 1700 words.

You were on the sea. The weather got bad and a huge storm began. Once, some time later, you got up, but you couldn’t imagine what happened and for how long you slept. You are looking around, it’s a beach of an island. Your ship is broken and you don’t have any accessories to repair it, or keep yourself alive. Suddenly, the natives of the island appear. They think, you are a god. Because you see, they have a lot of treasures, you decide not to disagree. You will act like a God, and you want to escape from the island by a new boat. But be careful, if you act wrong, they will catch you.

The way of earning treasure is to find out words. If you are beginning to use more letters, the faith of natives will be decreasing. Between playing with words, you have an opportunity to make miracles, and the faith of natives will be increasing. If you find out all of the words, your escape from the island will be done. If you need help with the word, you are playing with, you can use the „?” symbol, but not for free.