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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5,Windows Phone 7


WinLynks allows you to access your LinkedIn account and network on Windows Phone 7 device. You can explore your connections, check their updates, see profiles, view common contacts, send message, invite people, post your updates, like or comment posts, search people and much more. WinLynks helps you to stay in touch with your business network when you are on the move.
WinLynks make it easy to connect and expand your professional network by providing intuitive user experience and easy to use functions such as search and invite people, view their profile and in common connections etc. WinLynks also allows you to call, save and send text to your connection directly from view profile page.

WinLynks provides you 10 days full feature trial, so download it now!

1.View self-profile and quickly share updates with your network.
2.Send message to connections.
3.Invite new people to join your network via email address.
4.Search, view profile and invite people.
5.View all updates and posts from all your connections on a single screen.
6.Select an update/post to reveal more information about it such as new connections, groups, read comments and who liked it, view additional links, images etc.
7.Explore your connections and view their profile.
8.View more information about company.
9.Call, save or send text to your contacts phone number directly from their profile.
10.Explore common connections.
11.Comment and Like the posts.

Version 1.2 changes:
1.Fixed the issue with some network update text is getting truncated.
2.Fixed the issue with some updates were not showing clickable links.
3.Fixed issue with not allowing commenting and liking on few updates.
4.Added support for displaying additional information such as links, description and images from user shares.
5.Added support for viewing company details from profile > experience page of the connection.
6.Added Expander control to expand and collapse longer text fields, such as sum