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Tile Attack

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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
Rossant Description

Tile Attack

This fast-paced and addictive game is a variant of the well-known Tetris Attack game on Super Nintendo. Colored tiles fall and you must eliminate those with the same color by grouping them. Make chain reactions and combos to boost your score!

In the Classic Mode, you must eliminate all the tiles on the screen while new tiles are falling. 30 levels with greater speed and higher difficulty are available. The key to win: progressively eliminate colors: colors of new falling tiles are chosen only among the remaining colors!

In the dreadful Survival Mode, you have to survive for 60 seconds while tiles fall faster and faster!

In the Puzzle mode, useful for beginners since no tiles are falling, the goal is to eliminate as many tiles as possible and to make combos to have the highest score. You lose if you are blocked at some point so be careful!

More game modes will be available in the next updates.

Tile Attack offers beautiful 3D design freely inspired by the Nokia Lumia branding, nice sound effects and an addictive gameplay!

The trial version is fully featured with ads.

1.2: New puzzle mode, new “drag” movement, improved fluidity, performance, difficulty progression, gameplay, graphism, and bug fixes.
1.1: Bug fixes, new survival mode.
1.0: First version.