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That Frog Game

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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
ATTAK Software Description

That Frog Game

Eat the flies. That’s all there is to it. Easy right?

This game is about accuracy and speed. You won’t last long without a steady fly diet, but with bees and bosses in a constant frenzy to thwart your efforts, that frog needs the help of a hotshot. Could it be you? Eat right!

ATTAK Software presents its debut title, That Frog Game


– Leaderboard that automatically updates your high score and ranks players
– Multiple power ups and power downs (Dragonflies or Bees)
– Challenges or boss fights at the end of each level
– Catchy original soundtrack for every level
– Unlockable Survival mode to really test how long you can stay alive
– Achievements that will unlock levels


** Version Notes **
update 2 notes
– Player reset bug is fixed