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T-Kara Puzzles

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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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T-Kara Puzzles

A lot of puzzles in one game!

T-Kara is a match-4 puzzle game with quite different game play and a lot of interesting varieties to try out. A fun variation to the classical match-3 games.

T-Kara is divided into three main categories:

In campaign you’ll be visiting different planets, all with different game modes. Each planet has a hidden piece of relic. Solve the puzzles and gather the pieces!

Go for the scores! As you reach higher levels, obstacles, such as locks or pattern boxes will appear. Some of these obstacles might be a bit tricky to get rid of, but to survive, you will have to! Score puzzles comes in three varieties: Direct hit, Time Attack and Limited Moves. Each variety has its own rules. Try them all to see which one suits you the best!

Doesn’t belong to the match-4 genre. Instead you’ll find multiple picture puzzles with different levels of difficulty. Move the blocks and try to create the right image by using as few moves as possible.

When leaving a game mode, it will pause, giving you the option to continue at another time. Good Luck!

If you have any feedback or suggestions on how to improve T-Kara, we’d love to hear it! E-mail:

Online challenges
Global high scores
Live tiles

-Fixed incorrect help-text for bomb/flash/color blocks in campaign. 5 in a row -> 6 in a row.
-Fixed save issue with locks and killer blocks.
-Fixed an uncommon crash bug.
-More picture puzzles.
-Fixed a crash bug in the leaderboards.
-Some minor graphical improvements in the campaign menu.
-Smaller memory footprint.
-Fixed crash issue in time attack.
-Improved winner screen.