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Suicide Chess Free

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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
Kiril Popov Description

Suicide Chess Free

Suicide Chess is a board game with a catch: to win you must get rid of your pieces first. It’s full of surprises. Are you ready to go for them?

If you would like to support the game, you can buy the full version: Suicide Chess (

The pros:

+ No need for an Internet connection.
+ No banners or adds even in the free version.
+ No need for location services.

Features include:

+ 5-level-strong artificial intelligence (AI) opponent – from novice to master.
+ Intuitive and fast user interface – mostly one-tap move.
+ Unlimited UNDO.
+ All Human/Phone Opponent White/Black Combinations
+ Chess clock
+ Different AI phone moves in identical situations.
+ A flip board option shows the blacks on bottom.
+ Legit moves can be highlighted for easier play.
+ Highlighting of the last move.
+ UI settings stored.

Plans for next version:

+ Connection to FICS servers for choice of alternative opponents
+ Person-to-person play through server
+ Moves database
+ Endspiel optimization
+ Win statistics
+ More chess pieces sets
+ UI enhancements
+ Portrait/landscape orientation view