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Steampunk Fantasy

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Steampunk Fantasy

Update 1.4 information below.
Steampunk Fantasy takes the best parts of your favorite puzzle strategy games like Tetris and Bejeweled, and combines them into one addictive ride! Gameplay is simple – fill the steam gauge by connecting 5 or more pieces of steampunk machinery. Master the art of building connections of *more* than 5 pieces for huge point bonuses! Keep the board in order with special drops of TNT, the Drill, and the Randomizer.

Update 1.4
+Fixes the previous broken 1.3 update. I accidentally submitted the testing version, sorry for the inconvenience.
+NEW You can now rotate a piece as it drops.
+NEW Special Piece! The Particle Beam vaporizes whole rows of game pieces as it drops.
+NEW Gameplay mechanic: when you level up, a random row of pieces forms at the bottom of the board and pushes all other pieces on the board up one row.
+Increased the maximum speed at which pieces can drop.
+Doubled the rate at which pieces increase their drop speed upon completing a level.
+Special pieces drop slightly more frequently.

+Highly addictive, unique gameplay
+Gorgeous graphics combined with intricately detailed animation
+Full musical score
+Timed Mode – Score as high as you can in a set time
+Survival Mode – Play as far as you can as the pieces drop faster with each level you attain
+Challenge Mode – Test your skills in 30 challenges of various difficulties
+Worldwide leaderboards for Timed and Survival Modes
+Save your progress at any time, auto-save when you task out from the app