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Spin the Bottle

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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
Prototype Interactive FZ LLC Description

Spin the Bottle

Developed by Ali Sufyan

The Spin the Bottle! app enables you to play the classic kissing game even if you don’t have a bottle handy. In this game, people sit in a circle and take turns spinning the bottle. When someone spins, he or she must kiss whomever the bottle ends up pointing toward. Even if you have no plans to play the game, you could still use this app as a fun time-waster. You could even find work-related applications for this, such as using it to assign tasks to your team members!

This app introduces a new gesture—the rotation gesture— which is a two-finger twist. It also simulates inertia (and friction), so the bottle keeps spinning once the fingers have left the screen and then gradually slows to a halt. The faster the fingers twist before releasing, the longer the bottle will continue to spin. This simulation of what happens in the real world is essential for this kind of app, otherwise the user could control exactly where the bottle would point!