Shape Findings

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Shape Findings

Shape Findings adopts the casual ‘Hidden Object’ genre and expands its dimension into 3D. The objective of the game is to spot a certain shape in a toy-like environment.

While this particular application aims to be a casual entertainment, it could also serve as a learning material – as an introduction to geometric shapes.

This game is probably one of the first that falls under the ‘3D Hidden Object’ category.

WARNING: This game may be too difficult, causing frustration. Do take care not to damage your devices and/or surroundings when this happens.

This version features:
– 3 levels.
– 3 target shapes to find: cube, cylinder and pyramid.
– Complete soundtracks to accompany your finding session.
– Ambience sound effects to match the scenery of the level.

– Simply find the shapes determined to be the target in each level and DOUBLE tap the shapes to spot them.
– Each level contains more than one scenes. All the targets mentioned are scattered all around the scenes. Tap the left or right triangle to change scenes.
– For more elaborate instructions, use the tutorial in the game.

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