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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5


What’s new:
Add shop to buy lifeballs

Bug fixed


1 This is a new version for WP8, developed with the new engine, operating experience has been greatly improved than before.

2 Add four hidden Levels

3.Support 2 languages,English and Simple Chinese.


In ancient times, the Big Dipper was hidden by a monster suddenly. Human being lost the constellation of guiding direction in the night. Your task is to retrieve the seven stars for human being. Taking them out of the maze set by monsters and sending and sending them back to heaven. Facing to the dizzying height and terrible depth, players control a ball to play in the unreal world which has many bamboo poles, wooden bridges and stone path. Players pass numerous difficulties set up specially to achieve the goal of victory. Game Style: the Chinese style.