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Scrabble/AlphaJax Solver

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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
Chimpware Description

Scrabble/AlphaJax Solver

Become the Scrabble, AlphaJax or even Words With Friends master with this handy app! Simply enter the letters you have and this app will give you all the possible words you can create from those letters. Get the full version and even specify JOINING LETTERS, giving you the ability to find words with a nominated letter at a fixed position within the word (e.g. “T” as third letter) allowing you ultimate flexibility around the board!

This app uses the “Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon” (ENABLE) dictionary in use by both AlphaJax and Words With Friends, plus an additional set of 280 uncommon and high point-scoring words from the English language bringing you a total of over 173,000 words!

A very handy app for Scrabble, AlphaJax and Words With Friends addicts alike!


Version History:
* Minor UI tweaks
* Supports blank tiles as per user feedback
* “Advanced” popup allowing selection of joining letters and joining letter position
* Enormous speed improvements
* Dictionary files tweaked to ensure best results
* Supports duplicate letters as per user feedback
* Responds to enter key on search
* Dictionary updated to over 173,000 words
* Results placed into tiles for readability
* Scrabble and AlphaJax letter score now provided
* UI tweaks
* New update available alert system