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Scan To PDF

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  • Size: 2 MB
  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8
Amaze Pictures Inc Description

Scan To PDF

Best application to create PDF files from your images! Just scan and make! Upload to Skydrive or download to your PC.

– Multiply projects supported
– Accept images from library or camera
– Powerful image editor
– Unlimited pages (limited to the phone memory only)
– Upload saved documents to the SkyDrive
– Send documents by email
– Send files to “Pocket File manager”
– Download PDF using browser on your PC
– Share link to uploaded document

How to use:
Press “+” button and select image to add it into the project.
Click and hold on image to bring menu, where you can edit or remove image from project.
Press “new” button to create new project
Press “save” icon to generate PDF document
Press “browse” button to browse previously saved documents

– Added option to send files to “Pocked File Manager” where you can upload file to any cloud servers.

– Powerful image editor has been added. With a lot of features.

– Updates application icons
– Send by email feature has been implemented
– Improved light theme support

– Improved UI
– Added image rotation in edit mode
– Added color to Black and White conversion
– Improved memory handling
– Updated saving PDF subsystem

– Windows Phone 8 supported
– Internal WEB Server has been included. Now you can download PDF file by using your browser on any devices connected to the same WiFi network.
– Improved SkyDrive upload routine. Now you can upload any size files.
– By clicking on PDF file you can open it in any PDF Viewer installed on your phone.