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Play Rummy against a robot and see how it plays. Rummy is a card game with object to form melds which are three or four cards of the same rank (such as 7-7-7, or a run of three or more cards of consecutive rank in the same suit (such as 8-7-6-5 of heart) . Ace is counted as one. All face cards are counted as 10. Other cards are counted as their face value. The beauty of this game is to play against a robot, and you have an option to see how it plays. Each player tries to “go out” first by laying out melds out of all his/her cards and then discard the last card.

Players take turn to be the dealer. You are assigned as the dealer for the first game. You deal the first card face down to your opponent and then one card to yourself until each player has 10 cards, then the next card face up on the table, and the remaining pack face down on the table as stock cards

The non dealer plays first by either taking the face up card or a face down card from the stock, then discard one card face up from its hand on top of the last face up card on the table. If you take the face up card, you are not allow to end that turn by discarding the same card. However you can discard it at a later turn.

Before discarding a card and ending its turn, you have an option to lay down as many melds as you have. You can also lay off card(s) which forms melds to other cards laid off on the table once you have laid down at least one meld of your own.
When you go out first, you earn a score equal to the total points of all the cards remaining in the opponent’s hand. If you lay down all your cards at once and then discard the last card, you “go rummy” and the score for the hand is double. When you want to take a face down card and it runs out, the game ends and the total points of the cards in a player’s hand become the score of the other player.