Recording Dave Brubeck: Grand Piano

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Recording Dave Brubeck: Grand Piano

This tutorial shows you how to mic and record pianos!

See & hear how audio engineer Anthony Iannucci recorded the legendary jazz pianist, Dave Brubeck!

Dave Brubeck is a jazz icon. So when we combined him with seasoned audio engineer, Anthony Iannucci, we came up with a solo piano recording tutorial that will reveal piano recording techniques that were, until now, the secrets of the pros!

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Acoustic Considerations
3. Piano Lid Positions
4. Microphone Placement
5. Realizing The Potential for Phase Cancellation
6. Microphone Pre-Amplifiers
7. Understanding EQ & Signal Controllers
8. Multitrack Recording on Your DAW
9. The Dave Brubeck Piano Sessions
10. Phase Lock Editing for Multiple Tracks
11. Individual Track Edits
12. Piano Blend in a Group vs. Solo Piano
13. Plug-in Use
14. EQ, Level & Image Control
15. Create Consistency Between Songs
16. Sotware Mastering with Waves Plug-ins
17. Description
18. Use on Piano Demo
19. Description
20. Use on Piano Demo
21. Description
22. Use on Piano Demo
23. Description
24. Use on Piano Demo
25. Description
26. Use on Piano Demo
27. Audio File Formats
28. Conclusion