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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
Candy Mountain Solutions Description


This grocery list app was designed to be very fast, and easy to quickly create grocery shopping lists for everyday use.

Simple, fast, and easy. Comes with hundreds of pre-installed common grocery items, so you don’t have to do all that typing on your phone keyboard. Just tap to select, and add to your shopping list.

This app improves on a previously released shopping app, making it much easier and faster to add items to your favorites list, delete items, and create lists.

Easy to share. With a tap of one button, your entire shopping list is automatically inserted into a text message, ready for you to send to someone who might be picking up the groceries that day.

Most of the shopping lists you create, will require very little typing. As you add more items to your favorites tab from the other categories, making lists will become even faster, with the only typing you’ll have to do being the name of the list.