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Punch That Idiom in Spanish
How would you like to really test your skills in a foreign language? How about by learning the idioms that native speakers use every day in a fun and exciting game as you race against the clock!

As you play our PUNCH THAT IDIOM IN SPANISH app, you will be surprised and entertained by these interesting idioms that are often used in situations of our everyday life. Perfect and practical not just for authors, lecturers or language experts, but for all of us who want to express ourselves in these colorful and amusing ways, as well as understand them when we hear them. Once we learn them, we can use them with our family, friends, work associates and others. Knowing and using these useful idioms can generate admiration, laughter, respect or approval. Who knows…it may help us strike up a conversation with strangers, do well with a writing assignment, or even land a job by impressing employers!


☺ Fun games, fabulous music, fantastic pictures
☺ Learn at your own pace, at home or anywhere
☺ Easy to use, learn and understand
☺ Comprehensive collection vocabulary words
☺ For EVERYONE wishing to learn new, interesting and fun things
☺ Educational and helpful for:
• children, teenagers and adults
• beginning, intermediate and advanced students
• tourists and traveling purposes and plans
• teachers, tutors and translators
• employees and employment/vocational goals
☺ User-friendly and useful
☺ Practice and perfect your pronunciation
☺ Learn correct spelling and grammar