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Pocket Recorder™

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  • Size: 32 MB
  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
Xochl LLC Description

Pocket Recorder™

New in version 8.0-
-Support for Windows Phone 8 has been added
-You can now copy recordings to your computer automatically.
-Recordings will now automatically be copied to your music library and be synced to your computer like any other songs on the device
-There is no longer a need to sign to anything to use Pocket Recorder
-There is no longer a need to use SkyDrive
-The user interface has been tweaked to increase performance

Pocket Recorder™ Sound + Recording Hub transforms your Windows Phone 8 device into a full-fledged sound recording and editing tool. It is designed to allow you to quickly record, process, and sync items in an easy to use manner. With the release of Windows Phone 8 we have added extensive integration of your recordings into your overall phone experience. You can now copy your recordings to your Media Library and sync them like any other song, pin them as tiles to your start menu, and many more features.

Some key features include:
– Convert recordings into Music Hub songs
– Create Geocoded recordings
– Custom Tiles and Tile updating
– Recording editing (including appending and prepending)
– Support for multi-tasking
– In place lossless trimming
– Conversion of files to compressed mp3 format
– Cut and paste support
– SoundScan™, a feature that helps you find recordings by playing 10 seconds of each file in your library.
– Dim lights while recording, clear the screen of all UI elements and reduce the processing footprint to as little as possible (no visualizations will be run) thus reducing the amount of battery life you consume while recording. The screen lights are also dimmed so that less power is used while running.
– Custom Aliases -create your own custom aliases and categorizations for naming future recordings that you create.

For details on how to use Pocket Recorder please visit www.xochl.com.