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Ordo Online

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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8
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Ordo Online

Are you an awesome army general? Would you be able to keep your troups alive?

Military formations, to win, always had to keep their lines and groupings. Ordo actually simulates this strategy where on a simple board, checkers simulate men in formation.

The game is all about keeping formations, or groupings, moving in unison, in order to break the opponent’s groupings, forcing him to regroup, or lose.

Of course, you can also win by capturing all the opponent’s checkers or move one of your own checkers into the opponent’s first row as well, indicating your superior tactical prowess.

Only Classic Ordo rules are set by default (Windows 8 app has more options).

Fast loading and super easy to pick up.

Automatchup lets you play against players from around the world.

Have Fun!

Designed by Dieter Stein