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OneTap MITBBS Free

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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
Project NABOO Description

OneTap MITBBS Free

This App supports Simplified Chinese only. 此软件仅包含简体中文界面。

This free app is supported by advertising. Please purchase the full version if you want the ad-free experience.

MITBBS.COM (未名空间) is the biggest Chinese online community in North America. This reader program has been developed to significantly improve your

reading experience of MITBBS on Windows Phone.

Major features:
1. Display multimedia content, such as pictures and videos
2. Allow user to log in to post, reply to, delete, and modify articles
3. Browse all boards or only the boards associated to the logged on user
4. Support both regular boards and clubs
5. Support mailbox
6. List top articles on the MITBBS home page
7. History and bookmarks
8. Convenient display settings
9. One tap reply
10. Convenient gestures to switch pages, zoom in pictures, and go page up/down
11. Save pictures to phone
12. Offline browsing
13. Upload images
14. Forward post
15. Quick switching between multiple accounts
16. Quick search for boards and clubs
17. Automatically watch for new mail and topic updates
18. Hide top topics in board
19. Return to lasted visited page


欢迎使用 一网无际•未名空间 阅读器。你可以无限制地使用本软件的免费版本(带广告)。如果你不想看到广告,请付费购买正式版本。


1. 显示文章的文字,图片,和视频内容
2. 允许用户登录,可以发表、回复、删除和修改文章
3. 可以浏览所有讨论区,或者只浏览用户收藏的讨论区
4. 支持一般版面和俱乐部版面
5. 支持用户邮箱
6. 浏览未名空间主页的热门文章
7. 历史记录和文章书签
8. 显示设置
9. 支持一键回复文章
10. 使用触摸手势可以换页,放大图像,或者滚动阅读窗口
11. 存储图片
12. 离线浏览
13. 上载图片
14. 转帖
15. 多账户快速切换
16. 快速搜索版面和俱乐部
17. 自动查看新邮件和文章更新
18. 隐藏置顶文章
19. 返回上次访问页面