Nonstop Racing

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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5,Windows Phone 7

Nonstop Racing

Nonstop Racing is a simple yet engaging racing game in which your objective is to help all the racers on the track to clock as many laps as possible without crashing or running out of fuel.

With simple tap and swipe gestures, you guide your drivers to clocks as many laps as possible. As long as they have fuel and you help them avoid catastrophic crashes, they’ll continue racing!

As more cars join the race, managing track position will become more challenging and following the fuel situation of every car will keep you really busy! The trick is to stay two steps ahead of the situation and ensure your cars are perfectly positioned to accumulate laps as fast and as safely as possible.

During racing, Pit Lane can become crowded, so the pit entrance opens only for a short period. Timing your pit entry is crucial; miss it, and you’ll have to go all the way around hoping you have enough fuel to make it.

Nonstop Racing will leave you glued to the track lap after lap!