Nasty Nutz

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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5

Nasty Nutz

Nasty, mutated hazelnuts from outer space have landed, infecting all squirrels and causing mayhem. The survival of all life is at stake. Only one squirrel is immune to nasty nut infection, and only he can stop the evil hazelnut invasion.

Nasty Nutz is a fast-scrolling, action-packed game. Your goal is to crush as many mutated nuts as you can while fighting gravity. You control the squirrel by tilting the phone left/right and use power jumps by tapping the screen.

You’ll also be dodging crazed kamikaze bats, using Power Jumps to stay in the air, topping up your score by jumping on mutated bats, and winning unique bonuses in the Zomboulette mini-game.


– 20 levels filled with fast-paced, varied action
– Secret, unlockable bonus level
– ‘The Zomboulette’ – a Roulette-style mini-game
– Unique unlockable avatar
– Online leaderboards
– Plenty of nutcracking achievements

Special Thanks to BestWP7Games for their review.

* * * *
* Changes in 1.2 *

– Gameplay has been streamlined: Squirrel now hovers in mid-air for a while before falling down, to give you more time to react.

– Scores have been rescaled to account for bonuses in later levels.

– Various other bugs/issues have been fixed.
* * * *