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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
Polipone Description


Become manager of your favourite soccer team and play to win national championship, national cup, european and world cup

It’s a very fast and simple game: the best for a smartphone-game. All you have to do is
1. Go in Settings and save your Name and Nation
2. Create a new season.
3. Play your league and compete in cup
3.1 Gain points for each victory, draw and gol scored
3.2 Gain extra points if you win league or cup
4. In Hall Of Fame you’ll find teams statistics
5. In World Rank you’ll find all player results

A national championship is a tournament whit 8 teams
A national cup in a direct elimination tournament whit 8 teams, playing quarter-final, semi-final and final

Just play the match and see what happen.

Please report any tip, bug or just what you think about it

The trial version is identical to the full version. Please buy it if you like!