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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
Bishal Description


Fun Game where you can Learn English , French , German , Italian , Spanish & Russian

Count 123
o Game play is very simple as soon as we touch the balloons with text they will fly away and speak the text in the language selected.
o In level 1 user can click any balloon or number but in level 2 I would design to make sure use must click first 1 then 2 and then 3.

Paint – ME
o Color Palate give 5 primary colors on which as uer touch changes the brush color and speak the color in english
o Other Language for colors are comming soon.
o Move the finger to increase the density of the color
o To use the complex color use the icon at right side will mix the two color channels

Drag – Shapes
o The game is basically to teach users how to use drag touch behaviors as soon as use get used to dragging the element around they will be learning about the object sounds in the language selected
o The use is greeted with clapping sound as they make the correct drag gesture to encourage the children.
o As use drag near the objects image (displayed in dim ) it will automatically snap ! so that users can just drag the object near the image.

Drag – Animals
o Level 2 of drag me is about classification
o We no longer have exactly same object in image ( Displayed in dim ) and the object we need to drag
o The object are classified in the terms they are same object with different image
o The shadow the image will get brighter as the correct object is dragged.
o Just like in previous level the game will clap and encourage use to do more

o Setting Page has option to select the default language if no changes are made English (en) is made as a default choice.
o Sound is also selected ON at default but note that sound effects are played automatically but the speech service are downloaded during the game

Official Game Entry for Imagine Cup – 2012 Australia
Catogry – Game Phone Round 3
Team – Nepali Maya
Game – Learn With Fun