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I’m Archer!

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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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I’m Archer!

Be a ‘top archer’ by shooting a target with bow and arrow and making great high score. Feel the thrill of achieving the highest score after the arrow is released.

The art of archery is primarily mental. Aim your arrow at the target, and overcome the trembling of your heart and the blow of the wind! You need to be calm when you aim for high score.

I’m Archer offers three modes of game play: Classic, Timed and Expert mode.

In classic mode you start with bunch of 10 arrows and has time limit of 10 seconds for every shot. You get extra arrows on good shot.

In timed mode you have 30 seconds and you need to shot as many arrows as possible. So hitting a target can be a serious challenge, particularly as the wind resistance and your time allotment shrinks.

In expert mode, target keeps moving so you really need to have good reflexes to be a winner.

This simple and addictive archer game helps increase concentration! If you are ready, pull the bow string now and submit the high score and compete with top scorers globally.

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