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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5


In the event of accident, crisis or danger, send an emergency help alert to a network of people you trust through the smart, responsive new GuardNet app –and at the same time be on constant standby to help the people you care about if they ever need your help.

This ground-breaking new app will alert all the nominated guardians in a user-created personal safety network with a single press of a button, sending an SOS message to all the user’s guardians and broadcasting the emergency location, while tracking the user’s position if they are moving.

Get peace of mind for the people you care about, knowing that they can “panic button” you at any time they need to and let you know exactly where they are.

And, while any situation is active, you and your guardians are all able see who is responding to the emergency, monitor the progress of the response and message the network with updates as events develop.

It’s the app we hope you don’t have to use – but one day it could just bring real emergency help to you, or someone you care about, when it is needed most.

Download the app and follow the instructions or visit for more info on how it works.

The GuardNet app does not replace a call to the police, fire or ambulance services, and we would highly recommend always alerting the emergency services as a first resort when appropriate.

Download GuardNet today, spread the word, and stay safe.


“It gives me great peace of mind to know that my wife and daughters can alert me any time they are in danger and let me know where they are.”

“Amazing idea to have a personal network of trusted people available to call on if you get into trouble at any time… now we can all look out for each other.”

“We once got separated from a friend on a hen night in a city we’d not been to before. Having an app like this on our phones would have been perfect for situations like that.”