Gem TD

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  • Size: 6 MB
  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5

Gem TD

A strategic tower defense game requiring a perfect blend of luck and skill. Play the easy mode to receive game tips. Try it now!

-50 waves of ground and air creeps (including 5 boss waves)
-13 special gems with unique abilities (with 3 upgrades)
-8 basic gems with unique abilities (of 5 qualities)
-3 levels of difficulty


– Added auto-saving & continue game functionality.
– Reworked ‘Game Speed’ setting to:
‘Normal’ – 1.5x
‘Fast’ – 2.75x
‘Fastest’ – 4.0x
– Set default game speed to ‘Normal’

-Added new ‘Game Speed’ setting to allow choosing between:
‘Normal’ game speed (current speed)
‘Fast’ game speed (1.5 x current speed)
‘Fastest’ game speed (2 x current speed)
-Set default game speed to ‘Fast’ for all difficulties
-Increased the number of playable waves in trial mode to 10 from 8
-Main menu screen now shows app version
-Reduced Jade mini stun chance to 25%/30%/35% from 35%/40%/45%