Galactic Patrol Pirates

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Galactic Patrol Pirates

NEW VERSION! – improved visualization of ship status info screen with the ability to zoom in to see internal system damage

Galactic Patrol Pirates is set in space, and puts the player behind the helm of a pirate ship during a Galactic Civil War. Players can choose from six different mission types and three difficulty levels. Players (Pirates) have complete control over the configuration of their ship at the start of each mission, and can choose from five different hull types, depending on the difficulty of the mission selected, and the cash on-hand earned from previous missions. This ability to customize gives players great ability to strategize before each mission.

The game can be saved at any time, allowing the player to pick the game up and play when time allows. There are five game lengths varying from a single mission game of less than five minutes through an endless survival game.

Photo #1 – New Game Options Screen
Photo #2 – Ship Purchase Screen
Photo #3 – Mission Selection Screen
Photo #4 – Ship Editor/Upgrades Screen
Photo #5 – Tutorial Example, Upgrades Screen
Photo #6 – Tactical Map, Bounty Hunter Mission
Photo #7 – Ship Status Info Screen
Photo #8 – Tactical Map, Mercenary Fleet Action