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Fantastic Checkers 2 Free

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  • Size: 12 MB
  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8
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Fantastic Checkers 2 Free

“Fantastic Checkers Free 2” take our super popular checkers game and moves it into outer space on a spinning board with cute little space monsters on each side. The characters are animated and you can play alone against 3 levels of computer AI or in 2 player mode with a family member or friend.

This is a great way to take this traditional board game and bring it to a newer generation in a fun exciting way! During development my own kids really liked the look and wanted to start playing this one well before we had enough of the programming done.

App features

•* Win by removing all of your opponents pieces from the board.
•* Play against the computer or against another person in 2 player mode.
•* Cute little monsters with funny animations are used for the pieces.
•* Background music, sound and graphics effects that are out of this world!