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ExtraDraw Joker Poker 2 FREE

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ExtraDraw Joker Poker 2 FREE

Extra Draw Joker Poker is a solitary video poker with double-up & extra draw bonus modes. The extra draw feature allows for a 6th card to be drawn to complete hands such as 6 of a kind, long straight, three pairs and more. To access this mode, the extra draw gauge bar must be full and will increase on each pair gained in poker hands. Specific hands such as Two pairs, Straight, Flush, Full House, Straight Flush and Five of a kind is also required to enter the bonus mode. On each losing hands, the double-up gauge will increase and when full, you will be able to double your winnings with a High/Low bonus game mode.

Version 1.5
• Added game statistics.
• Added an option to reset game stats & credits.

Version 1.4
• Fixed an issue that prevented from saving credits exceeding 1,000,000

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