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English Checkers Online

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English Checkers Online

For a tighter and familiar game, English Checkers is the way to go!

English Checkers, contrary to International Checkers, is played on an 8×8 checkerboard (versus the Int’l 10×10). Of course, it has been primarily played in England, and is also known as American Checkers to some.

Those uninitiated to Checkers (or Draughts) games in general, the objective is to capture all the opponent’s checker pieces by jumping over single checkers diagonally. To get into position, a player can move checkers a single square diagonally.

Kings that can move many squares in a row are created if one of your checkers ends its turn on the opposite board edge.

Fast loading and super easy to pick up.

Automatchup lets you play against players from around the world.

Have Fun!