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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5


New Functionality for Windows Phone 8:

* Set pictures as your lock screen (press and hold on a photo post)
* Save to gallery
* Have the latest dashboard post appear as text on the lock screen and large tiles
* For English UK/US – Voice commands to get to your dash and new post types: “View My Dash”, “New Text Post” and “Settings”

Allows you to control your Tumblr account from your phone – both new posts as well as viewing your Dashboard and searching for specific tags.

Trial version: Disables Edit/Reblog for all posts and only allows you to publish new text/photo posts. All other functionality works.

v5.10 – If a user shares their liked posts, then a likes tab will appear when you view their blog information.


* Able to post to multiple blogs in the same account

* recent notes and reblog information.

* list of blogs you’re following

* follow / unfollow ability

* support for photoset viewing

* can check regularly to see if you have new posts

* pin your favourite blogs to your start screen

* pin new post screens to your start screen for even easier posting!

DashBuddy lets you:

* View/create/edit posts for your dashboard or drafts folder.

* Queue posts to appear and give them specific release dates

* Set a custom tweet to be sent with your post for those with Twitter linked to their account

* Like/Edit/Reblog posts in your dashboard

* View a single users posts just by clicking their name, then filter the posts by type.

* Upload an image to your Tumblr account just by selecting it in the “Share” picture menu, or from the picture chooser in the app!