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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5,Windows Phone 7
Lyrae Studios Description


Connecto! is recommended and featured by APPDEALS

Funny game where you have to connect two same pictures that can be connected by a line with less than 2 corners. Be careful to not get out of moves or ask for a hint you will lose a life. Get out of lifes or time and you will lose!

Changelog 1.3:

– Update OpenXLive to 0.9.5! with tones of new features!

– Animations after a match starts now from level 1.

Changelog 1.2:

– Added OpenXLive Support. (Up to reviewers delete or increase the functionalities of OpenXLive).

Changelog 1.1:

-Fixed a bug where the time after reactivating the application doesn’t restores properly.

-Fixed a bug where selecting two times the same icon was deleting the blue-aura that marks that it’s selected.

-Improved Graphics.

-Fixed the positions of the text for the level and lives.

-Added new icons movements from level 13 to 16.