Chutti Tamil Basic

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  • OS Require: Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5

Chutti Tamil Basic

Excellent app that makes learning fun and takes it to next level by enabling kids to learn, recognize and speak Tamil letter, words in matter of hours rather days or week. The app introduces the letters and their phonetics through natural voice. In the end it provides a great way to learn Tamil alphabets for kids, teens and adults, no age bar period.

Chutti Tamil starts with position, color clues for kids to form the words from the scrabbled letters. It slowly increases the challenge for kids, by removing the pattern matching and introducing ambiguity amongst scrabbled letter. This enables the kids to recognize and form words not only through visual memory, pattern matching, sequencing but rather through actual phonetic.


* Automatically measure and increase the difficulty level
* Instant validation and appreciation
* Custom difficulty level
* Configurable options to set difficulty level to what they want
* Rich word list for each letters
* Word-picture association – Randomized sequence depending on difficulty levels