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Alemungula Online

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Alemungula Online

What can 2 players do with a bunch of seeds, pits and their smarts? Play Alemungula of course!

Alemungula is an Ethiopian variation of the ancient Kalah game played in all parts of the world. The concept is around the sowing of seeds in the ground… but the game is played everywhere in the world because of its super simple yet challenging nature.

You have seeds in pits on your side and you sow the seeds from one pit around the board trying to get as many seeds as possible into your end pit called “kalah”.

Alemungula features 5 seeds per pit and only 5 pits per side, compared to the traditional 3 seeds per pit and 6 pits per side, which makes the game quite different strategically.

This game is tricky because there are ways the opponent can steal all the seeds from one of your pits! But so can you…

Fast loading and super easy to pick up.

Automatchup lets you play against players from around the world.

Have Fun!